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Q. What does “intersectoral action” mean and how does it relate to the CCSDH?

Intersectoral action on health is best described as the collaborative actions taken by sectors such as urban planning, social policy, public health, municipalities, Aboriginal organizations, philanthropy and research, to improve health and wellbeing.  It is based on the understanding that many of the levers to positively influence health and wellbeing are located outside of the health sector. An example of intersectoral action might be a housing strategy that includes partners in the municipal government, housing developers, the local public health unit and community organizations working together to ensure that low-income, and vulnerable populations have access to affordable housing. 

The CCSDH, by design and membership, is itself an example of intersectoral action.  As well, the work of the CCSDH focuses on initiating, facilitating and supporting collaboration across sectors for the improvement of social outcomes and ultimately, health outcomes.

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